For Diwali, Town Table, the best restaurant in Dehradun, actually the best in all the state of Uttarakhand, gifted my family 6 fantastic, fluffy American-style cupcakes. Mmmmmmmm.

Yesterday I ate one and it tasted as perfect as it looked.

Today, I looked forward to the kids’ bedtime all day, thinking about how my teeth will break the surface of the red velvet cupcake and how I will get frosting on my lips and crumbs all over my fingers.

But, alas! The cupcakes are not where I left them in the fridge. I fear the worst has happened. They have been eaten by another.

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2 Responses to “Cupcakes”

  1. Robin Gross Says:

    daddy had a dream last night that he snuck into your kitchen and stole a cupcake. Either that or the kids are getting wise to your eating the goodies while they are asleep!
    Love, mom & dad

  2. Adam Says:

    Hmmm. Aerin? Kari?

    You sure you just don’t remember eating them?

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