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Sexy Time with the Guys at the Karaoke Bar!

November 26, 2011

Best caption wins a pack!Image

The Way Home

November 23, 2011

Color me red.
Dance me up.

Pip pop pep paa!

Swing around and snag your snarl
all around the town.

Bring me your love in a wicker basket
your Mom nestled with straw.
Scissors curled ribbons enswirl the handle on one end.
The other, she strung out against the sky.

Apple red balloons juggle themselves
around the mailbox flag.

Up pup paa!

Ten children tramp up the lawn
grass caught between toes and treads,
torrent of pumping elbows,
streaming hair.

Cool Kool Aid on the lips of these babes still in their baby teeth.
Laughing all the way home.

Grow your hair long and unlock your teeth!
Tip tip top!

Skate along a line.
Jump inside a chinese jumprope.
String along a boat.
Bounce your 4 square all the way home.

Sing and wing and swing.
Pump your sneakers and white folded socks to tuck
the whole world under yourself.
Let them fall gently as sun dried sheets
your Mom strung against the sky.

Tether one end of yourself and let the other
out against the sky.
Cleaned and warmed and kissed and kissed and kissed by the sun.

A poem dedicated to my Mom, on her birthday

The Indian Adventure Continues

November 11, 2011

I have just finished my month volunteering for Latika Roy Foundation in Dehradun, India. Latika Roy is the best organization I’ve ever seen. At this point, having worked professionally as a fundraiser in New York City and having worked closely with more than 10 top notch non-profits all over the globe, the previous statement should be taken to mean that Latika Roy is one of THE BEST NGOs operating anywhere.

The day has been crammed with so much fun that I am just now logging on at 1AM. I’m too tired to write anything of my own, so I will give you the pleasure of listening to this TEDx Talk given by Jo Chopra, Founder of Latika Roy Foundation:

Covering and Uncovering the Body

November 6, 2011

Slip your left hand through the silk sleeve of your blouse. Train it around your back and send the right arm through. Fasten the tiny hooks all down the front. Top to bottom or bottom to top.

Pile lilac and gold and plum bangles the length of your left arm. Pierce your lobes with laser cut sparkling gold hoops. Drape your necklace of glass beads over the curve of your clavicle.

Place the tiptop of your petticoat over your belly button and secure its drawstring. Now wrap your ocean colored sari around yourself like you might curl a hair tendril around your pinky: whimsically, but with rehearsed, repetitive motions. Tuck the top of your sari and pleat and pin. Spin. Smile.