Covering and Uncovering the Body

Slip your left hand through the silk sleeve of your blouse. Train it around your back and send the right arm through. Fasten the tiny hooks all down the front. Top to bottom or bottom to top.

Pile lilac and gold and plum bangles the length of your left arm. Pierce your lobes with laser cut sparkling gold hoops. Drape your necklace of glass beads over the curve of your clavicle.

Place the tiptop of your petticoat over your belly button and secure its drawstring. Now wrap your ocean colored sari around yourself like you might curl a hair tendril around your pinky: whimsically, but with rehearsed, repetitive motions. Tuck the top of your sari and pleat and pin. Spin. Smile.


4 Responses to “Covering and Uncovering the Body”

  1. samm91 Says:

    looking really nice in the sariii 🙂

  2. samm91 Says:

    samm91 reblogged this on nepaljanu.

  3. Robin Gross Says:

    I didn’t know it was that easy!! You look beautiful no matter how you got it on!

  4. aroundtheworldwithus Says:

    Thanks, Mom and samm91!

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