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What Counts (Emphasis where you want it)

December 5, 2011

A poem can be read from many perspectives. Words may have multiple meanings. This poem is meant to be first read in the traditional way, from top to bottom. When you are finished, read it again backwards (still from left to right).

What Counts (Emphasis where you want it)

Potential lies down in your bed.
She stretches you out.
She works her fingernails over you.

Hammer 7 nails in your bedpost.
Slice a 5mm wide skin flap below your ninth left rib.

Slide two nails into their coffin

A place of rushing, beating noise
She made a new small bed for them

What did she do with the last (1)?

(Are you counting? You must be careful to never lose count.)
You cannot say (emphasis on the second word).
(I love you)
You can not say (emphasis on the third word) “I love you.”

Potential lies (emphasis on the first word).

Potential lies (emphasis on the second word).